My Scottish Influenced My Life

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At a local Scottish Highland Games and Festival at Davis Park in Rockford, where I had found an interesting group of people. It was a Scottish action theater and stunt troupe giving a show. I was enamored with the group. I met members who invited to a practice. They were operating out of Rockford. The idea of acting as well as having an opportunity to engage in my own heritage; my paternal grandmother is Celtic, that is Scottish and Norman French. I spent the summer, going from Iowa to Ohio, wearing a kilt, playing with stage swords, and a Scottish accent that sounded more like Irish. It was all right, my maternal grandfather, who was my namesake was Irish. Like the patchwork of my varied life, my heritage was just as eclectic. My father is part German, French, and Scottish, with a sliver of Algonquin. My mother is part German and Irish. What…show more content…
As fun as it was, it was like running away and joining the circus, this was not moving me forward in having a deeper relationship with people or my yearning to be a part of something greater. Once, this would not have mattered. Yet, I had matured enough to recognize that I was no longer that young man. For my personal growth, I needed to move on. My taking part in the world of independent movie making did not last long, but it was a fantastic experience. Midnight Reflections ~ 2012 I wish I had been a better man, who knew it all, being the one with the right clothes and friends. I would have been grand to remember the past, through neat reflection of a loving past so clear. Instead, I wake in the middle of the still night, unsure if it is the creaking house or another walk down dark corridors of my nights from long ago. The splatters of those lost times are not so laden that they would make me restless and panicked. However, they do make me think of the soft days that could have been, friends and lovers gone because I did not have the chance to meet
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