My Search For Happiness : The Ideal Life Of Happiness

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Happiness is the key to living a worthwhile and fulfilling life, and I hope, in my lifetime, to uncover what kind of lifestyle maximizes my happiness and why. Despite the slight cliche nature of one searching for happiness, I take this search very seriously because one who does not possess happiness is living their lives to die. To find one’s ideal lifestyle for happiness, a few things must be established. A person must be conscious of their personal identity and a philosophy of the world in which they are true believers. By exploring these areas of life and consciousness I will be able to uncover what style of life will benefit me and society, and I will be able to develop my life in a way that induces the most happiness and life will be worth living. Personal identity is made of much more than your name and what you look like; in fact, it is defined more often internally through the conscious than externally. Identity is comprised of a variety of aspects of life. Passions act as an important part of one’s personal identity due to the emotional involvement which passion entails. Most passions are pursued over a long period of time through study or other forms of participation and even turn into a career if one is lucky. Whether turned into a career or not, a passion is something that will always be a part of a person’s life, unless their passions or interests shift to a new entity. There are a few areas in which I have formed or have started to develop

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