My Second Grade Class Atp.s 45

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Many classrooms today are comprised of different children with different learning styles. Each class is unique and different in their own way. All classrooms have students that come from different communities, families, cultures, and traditions. P.S. 45 is a title one school which means that the majority of the students live in a household of low income families. In this classroom, approximately 90% of the students attending reside in low-income neighborhoods. While the label of title one indicates that the state is providing the resources for students to thrive, it can also indicate that there is a lot of pressure placed on the students to do well.
My third grade class at P.S 45 is an ICT class where half of the students are low-functioning and half of the students are general education. My classroom contains 29 children, 15 boys and 14 girls of mixed heritages. The majority of my students are Hispanic and African American; however, there are a few students who are Caucasian and Asian, too. The class consists of many students who have an impulsive tendency of constantly getting out of their seats. When this happens, it breaks the focus of other students and disrupts the lesson. Most students come ready to learn, but some of the students lack focus due to insufficient sleep and nutrition. Some students are more skilled than others; however, most of the class is struggling academically. My class requires special and differentiated instruction. Twelve students in this class
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