My Second Grade Students Began Poetry Essay

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Objective This week my sixth grade students began poetry. When I made this announcement, I was met with unhappy groans, eye rolling, and I’m pretty sure I heard someone mumbling ABBA, ABBA, ABBA. They were shocked when I told them that I was not not going to drill them on iambic pentameter or what a stanza is. We began by discussing the power of poetry and we as human beings write it in the first place. We watched a scene from one of the greatest movies ever, Dead Poets Society, and the students were both terrified and thrilled when the boys in the movie started ripping pages out of their textbooks. I had them bring to class a poem; any poem that speak to them. Surprisingly, many of my students had never looked for for a poem that they felt a connection with. Apparently the poetry that they have been exposed to in the past has always been given to them. This made me sad for them. We, as a class, decided to start a poetry wall. Anytime they find a poem that they feel connected to, we add it to our collection. So far there has been many poems about sports and the feeling of playing the game. It was interesting to note that one student brought in a beautiful poem about dancing, and another student read it and was surprised that someone she had been sitting next to all semester was also a dancer. It was nice to see them discover things not only about themselves but also about each other. Next, we began discussing where poets get their ideas ind inspirations. We

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