My Second Home Essay

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My Second Home

The wind blowing in my hair, the water softly mists my face. There is a persistent humming in my ear from the motor. I turn and gaze over the railing, there are islands scattered in the distance including one, my final destination, the largest island in sight. The mysterious water curls against the edge of the boat, foamy and disturbed by the passing boat. My fingers drum consistently on the railing, repeating a rhythmic beat. I find myself pacing the deck, back and forth, always returning to the same location, facing the island. As the ferry boat approaches the dock, I become overwhelmed with the anticipation of the fun that, I know, is awaiting me on this island.

Kelly's Island is a place that brings back fond
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I begin weaving my way through the crowd; I can feel the warm skin of strangers brush against me. As the crowds separate I see the welcoming faces of my Aunt Sharon and Uncle Bill. I run to give them an embracing hug. My cousin, Levi, steps out from behind his dad and I notice his wide eyes containing a sparkle as the excitement builds inside. My parents catch up with me and more greetings are in order. We retreat to the golf cart, which most of the tourists use, along with bicycles, to get around. After a short drive, we reach the house. It is a tall, white house with large windows facing the water front. The character of this old house fills my imagination with stories of an old captain living there. I am pleased to see the rest of my family playing croquet and socializing in the lawn. With the awareness of our presence, they happily turn and wave.

After saying hello, my cousin and I decide to slip off to the personal beach of the bed and breakfast that we will be staying at for the next four days. The wooden steps creak as we stomp down them. They lead us into the special place hidden away in overgrown vines, which brush across me as I charge toward the water. We spend hours in the cool water splashing, playing and catching up on all of the excitement that we have missed in the last year. The cool water washes smoothly over my face and I pinch the finely granulated sand between my toes. As I swim the seaweed reaches up from the bottom to tickle my toes and feet.

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