My Second Painful Gynecological Procedure

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Today I underwent my third painful gynecological procedure in as many weeks. I am done! Bob is going to need to get snipped 'cuz I ain 't goin ' through this no mo '! A few weeks back, I went in for my routine annual visit and explained to my Gynnie that my periods are very irregular. I 'm not too concerned about this, since I figured I am most likely perimenopausal. Oh, joy! Actually, aside from the irregular periods, I don 't have any other symptoms yet, so I 'm counting my blessings. As a precaution, my Gynnie decided to do a biopsy to rule out any cancer. She could have done it that very same day, but I was not at all mentally prepared for that, so I opted to come back the following week. I DO NOT LIKE PAIN. I 've had a uterine biopsy once before and remember how awful and painful that was. My Gynnie, upon seeing how distressed I was becoming at the very thought of it, decided to prescribe a Valium for me to take just before the procedure. "Have you ever taken Valium before?" she asked. "No." "Well, I 'll prescribe a low dosage. Just enough to take the edge off." "I 'm all for it. Bring it on!" "You 'll need someone to drive you, though. You can 't operate a vehicle while on it." "No problem." So, I immediately called Avril to see if she was available to give me a ride the following week. I got her voicemail and as soon as I started talking, I began crying. I just lost it. Not because I was afraid something was wrong with me, but because
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