My Second Week Of Teaching A Distance Class

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I am in my sixth week of teaching a distance class. I have become highly aware that I am a course designer. No one has developed the Language Arts course I am teaching and I have to do it all. If I had weeks or months to only work on designing this course, then it would already be fully developed. I am designing the course unit by unit and trying to make something more substainable than I have had in the past. I want to have lots of units I can do and if needed reorganize the units based on students needs. This way I can have a whole class ready each year. My district uses Moodle as the class course site and Blackboard Collaborate as the web conference application. What is different about how our district designed our courses is that students meet each day on a web conference. This is not the way many other district or programs operate. Many other programs operate in a way where students follow modules on websites and learn on their own. When I designed my course site, it might look a little different than what others use because what happens more happens each day in our virtual classroom (web conference). The course site is used for turning in work, collaboration, resource collection, help with homework, a place where assignments can be place, and a common place where all students teachers can go. I spent many minutes last week agonizing over the theme of my course site because I did not visually like something on the site. I was trying to make the site easier for
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