My Selection Of Critical Leadership Problems

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Being a leader is always a challenge, and assuming a new command is challenging. There are a lot of expectations to me as a leader. The organization has selected me to a new position, and they believe I fulfill their standards for their leaders. The organization trust and expect me to lead, develop and achieve. My superiors and subordinates have a lot of expectations. They expect me to lead them in the best way to solve our assigned missions. In my new assignment as commander of 4th Armor Brigade Combat Team (ABCT), the main critical leadership problems are the lack of cohesive teams, ethical and work standards and the level of stress. I will through analyze explain and defend my selection of critical leadership problems and apply a model for solving them, including implementing and measuring my vision as the new brigade commander. A perceived gap between the existing and the desired situation, or a deviation from a norm or described standard is one definition of a problem. To identify the problems I have to compare the current situation to the desired situation. One way to create the desired situation is to create a vision. By creating an initial vision, I will easier identify the problems. I build my first draft of my vision after the three components what, why and how.
“Together with our brothers and sisters in the division, the 4th ABCT solves it missions from training to war with the highest professional and ethical standards and does the right things

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