My Self Assessment Essay

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When examining your own personal assessment I found some interesting views of myself by working through the Pearson Prentice Hall Self-Assessment Library. Some of the judgments resulting from the tests have surprised me, while other results confirmed what I already suspected. This assessment will examine and give some insight on who I am in the business world, how I work with others in the realm of business, and life within my organization. I will also explain how the Holy Spirit has worked in my life to transform my weakness into strengths to become a better person, employee, and leader.

What about Me?
Personality Insights The Pearson Prentice Hall Self-Assessment Library online sites (Pearson Education, Inc., 2008)
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I believe that this is a fair assessment of my abilities to make decisions when required to complete a project. Ethical decision-making is imperative to good business practices and is a main focus at my company. Dr. Fischer states in Lesson Two that the “ethical perspectives provides a framework of values by which to make decisions for society” (Fischer, 2009). I believe that all organizations have a code of ethics that accompany the businesses plan for achievement and success.

Working with Others
Communication, Leadership, Team, Power and Conflict Skills In any organization, working with others is a necessity to accomplish its goals. Several factors must exist in order to reach the expectation and include communication, leadership and team building skills. In the PowerPoint Presentation, communication is defined as “the transference and understanding of meaning”(Stretch, 2009), which tells us that we must have a clear idea of what is expected and how we do the task. To carry out the task at hand, effective teams are comprised of different skill sets. These are technical expertise, problem solving and decision-making and interpersonal skills (Robbins & Judge, 2009, p 330). In the process of the team, power and conflict issues could occur. During these struggles, effective communication and leadership take on the challenges of focusing the team and resolving the issues to move forward.

Life in
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