My Senior Art Therapy Capstone Class

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My senior art therapy capstone class gave me the tools not only to understand my personal art making process, but the benefits of artistic creation for other individuals as well. Through this final project, I was able to therapeutically process a traumatic event in my life and turn something negative into a positive light. Process-based art therapy highlights the educational and transformative properties of art making and natural creation. My personal style is continuously evolving, but it is often based in collage work or drawing figures with pencil on paper. My artistic style highlights a sense of control and desire to work with traditional mediums. I’ve always worked with pencil and paper or collage because of the ease of access to materials. There were always pencils and printer paper or empty journals for me to draw in no matter where I was. Additionally, I loved to draw people and create my own characters. I draw people because it brings an emotional aspect to my art that makes the drawing seem less static. When drawing different faces, I can create depth and feeling into their eyes that makes the 2 dimensional character seem real. One artist who has always inspired my style is Alphonse Mucha. Mucha’s decorative art featured a variety of women with flowing hair and long billowing dresses. The women in his pieces commanded a sense of power with their brightly colored backgrounds and “all-knowing” faces (1). I’d never seen art that depicted women in such a way, not
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