My Senior Project Is Persian Cuisine

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The topic that I have chosen for my senior project is Persian cuisine. The reason that I picked this topic was because I am half Persian and I’ve eaten many Persian dishes throughout my life. This topic is interesting because not many people know what Persian cuisine is and they have never had the chance to experience the taste and food. This is important to me because my family has passed down the teachings of making certain dishes to the next generation, and my father is going to show me how to make my favorite dish. Another important reason is when I’m older I would like to know how to make some sort of exotic food and not be stuck with fast food. My first research question is, what is the background of Persian food? Basically I’m going to explain where Persian food started and what other countries influenced their dishes. Persian food has been greatly impacted by Iran’s neighboring and conquered regions throughout the history of Iran. My second research question is, what are the different types of ingredients that go in to Persian food? There are many Persian dishes that require the same sort of ingredients but they are all used in a different ways and combinations. Many Persian dishes are a combination of rice, meat, onions, vegetables, and herbs. Fine dishes have also the basic ingredients, but to achieve a defined balanced taste, Iranians use flavorings such as saffron, dried limes, parsley, and cinnamon. My third research question is what areas do certain dishes come…

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