My Senior Project Is Persian Cuisine

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The topic that I have chosen for my senior project is Persian cuisine. The reason that I picked this topic was because I am half Persian and I’ve eaten many Persian dishes throughout my life. This topic is interesting because not many people know what Persian cuisine is and they have never had the chance to experience the taste and food. This is important to me because my family has passed down the teachings of making certain dishes to the next generation, and my father is going to show me how to make my favorite dish. Another important reason is when I’m older I would like to know how to make some sort of exotic food and not be stuck with fast food. My first research question is, what is the background of Persian food? Basically I’m going…show more content…
There are many forms of the same dish in many regions of Iran. They all have their own twists to the looks and texture of the dishes. In order to learn my topic I will be going under my father’s wing. My father learned to cook Persian cuisine from his parents. My sister was taught to cook Persian food before she left for college and now whenever I visit her she always makes our favorite dish from her knowledge of cooking. For my presentation I will make a video that shows me making different dishes and I will bring in some sort of food that the class will enjoy. The Persian Empire was the largest empire in ancient times (Heilbrunn). They controlled land from three continents, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Under the rule of Cyrus the Great the Persian Empire lasted more than 200 years. Persian food is ancient, varied, and cosmopolitan (Price). Persian cuisine has been deeply impacted by different ancient cultures. This unique cuisine has influenced the eating styles of many Mediterranean countries such as Greece and Italy. Persians have borrowed spices from India and in return showed Indians new styles of cooking. The Great Persian Empire collapsed in 330 BCE due to the invasion of Alexander III of Macedon (Heilbrunn). Even with the Persian Empire gone, Persian cuisine still runs through the blood and hearts of Iranians today. Persians adopted the Greek principles of medicine and science (Price). They considered food and beverages important factors
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