My Senior Year In High School

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I have been anticipating my senior year since the day I walked into my Kindergarten classroom. I always adored the older kids that only had one year of torture left. However; now that I am a senior, I absolutely cannot wait for the amazing opportunities that will come with this year. As my highschool career comes to an end, I have set some goals to ensure that I will have the best year possible. Although I have moved to a new place, and have been forced to start everything completely over again, I plan to make the most of this year. I want this year to be the best that I have ever had. One of the biggest goals that I have set for my senior year, is to make memories. When I look back on my life in twenty years, I want to remember what a…show more content…
If I do not accomplish any of those, my main goal is to walk across our State FFA convention stage; whether it is for winning a contest, receiving a state degree or scholarship, or winning a state officer position. If I accomplish any one of these goals, I will be extremely satisfied and overjoyed with my achievements. Graduating is a huge part of senior year, and I have been ready to graduate since birth . As one of my previous teachers used to say, I caught “senioritis” at the early age of freshman year. Although I have been ecstatic to graduate, I have never truly given any thought to what I want to do with the rest of my life. My final goal for this year is to discover my passions and choose a path to college that will lead me to a successful career that I enjoy. I have grown up as a huge OU fan, because my father graduated from there with a Master’s Degree in Engineering. I always believed that I would either follow his footsteps into engineering or medicine. However, through FFA, I have now discovered a great passion for agriculture and want to pursue a career in Agricultural Education. Also because of FFA, I have met countless people from across the state that I know will be great friends throughout college. Stillwater seems like a much friendlier campus than Norman, but Norman will be closer to my family, and at the college

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