My Senior Year In High School

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All the way till my senior year in high school, I never bothered reading a book if it was not required or put effort into writing a good paper. I always wrote minimum effort papers and read what I needed to get by. I found it a waste of time and would rather focus my studies in areas I found more interesting, such as sports or spending time with friends. I never had a teacher who was passionate about teaching English or was willing to push their students and challenge them to become better readers or writers. This however changed in my senior year of high school because of my teacher Mrs. Gordon. Mrs. Gordon was the Honors English teacher at my high school, Georgetown High. She has been teaching English for forty years. She also oversaw the National Honors Society, English Department, Graduation, and just about every school affiliated activity that there was. Everyone in Georgetown high knew of Mrs. Gordon because of these reasons, but above all, she was known for having the most rigorous and challenging class in all of Georgetown High. Students would these this about her classes because, to them, her class was a lot of work. However, to Mrs. Gordon, she gave a lot of work because she knew that it would best prepare us for college and she saw potential in each of her students and would influence them to tap into their potential to push themselves to becomes the best writers and readers they could be. She pushed her students to expand their knowledge about literacy and its

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