My Senior Year Is Ruined

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His shoulder was thrown in reverse and twisted, and left by his body which was driving forward almost completely leaving it behind. He jerked back as if the force would spring his arm back into place. Gravity took over his knees forcing them to buckle and hit the ground. Some might say he looked like newborn deer, fresh out the womb. His arm was left hanging with barely any support at all. His only support was his hand holding it closely to his side as if he could protect it from further harm. His arm looked like a gummy worm...except more flimsy. The adrenaline took over his body like a built in anesthesia, taking his mind off of the pain only for a short time. he didn 't even bother getting up as the other players scrambled to the huddle…show more content…
Alex 's brother, who was also a coach, decided they needed to go to the doctor to have it reset. While his brother was on the phone with his parents and next to the doctor, the rest of his team was still slaving through the (related to actions that protect against attack) plays; working until perfection. My brother got off the phone and talked quietly and unclearly," You have got to be kidding me!" as he angrily pushed the end button on his cell phone. "The doctor on call won 't even look at him," he told Alex. They would have to figure something else out. "They are going to have to take him to the emergency room." The very scary words, "Emergency Room" made Alex think, "My season is over, my senior year is ruined." "Let 's try again!" Alex roared. He has always had an extreme fear of emergency rooms. Nothing good ever comes from them. The coaches decided to jerk his arm around one more time. He squeezed Coach Smith 's arm right at the elbow like he was trying to pinch it off. Coach Duncan grabbed his Alex 's and told him in a calming tone, "Relax, you have to relax." he took one more deep breath and relaxed as much as possible. Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Snap! It finally went in, but the pain was still crazy as ever. He thought resetting it was supposed to make the pain go away...he was wrong. Coach Duncan informed him, "We still have to go to the emergency room to make sure everything is set correctly." Alex sighed with

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