My Senior Year Of High School

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During my senior year of high school a program called Genesys Works started at my school. Genesys Works is a non-profit organization that teaches high school seniors professionalism. Genesys Works takes upcoming high school seniors through an eight week training program that trains them in Information Technology (IT) or Accounting as well as ways to become a better professional so they will be able to have an internship during their senior year of high school.
When I finished my training I had earned an internship at Transunion (TU) in Downtown, Chicago, IL. Transunion is known as a credit bureau. While there I learned there was more to the company. My first day there at Transunion, I walked in the building and it smelled like a professional business. All of the employees wore black slacks or shirts, ties and button down shirts with suit jackets. I felt really intimated because I did not know if the people I worked with were going to treat me like I was a child or an adult. After examining the new environment I was in I was introduced to this woman who was called my manager approached me. Her name was Jamie Feind.
When she approached me we shook hands and exchanged names, and I followed her to the elevators. Once the sliver doors closed and the elevator started to move, we made small talk and I had to make sure I did not talk about anything that would upset her or make her feel weird around me. When we got to our floor the strong smell of coffee slapped me in the face…

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