My Senior Year Of High School

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Since the beginning of my senior year of high school, I received the amazing opportunity to belong to a community of interior and event designers at Suzanne Nichols Design Group. The showroom is located in Orlando, so whenever I visit or am home for break I continuously work with the company in the community. The experience helps me to understand the many different genres that are utilized within the community. They help us to communicate with each other, the clients, and the business as a whole. We often take on many beautiful designer homes and design many special events such as weddings, office banquets, birthday parties, and anniversary parties. Many of the genres we utilize included meeting agendas, proposals, floor plans, invoices, sample design boards, and also event promotional flyers. A collaboration of the different genres come together to make the work more organized, less stressful and even exciting. Primarily, a meeting agenda is created so we know what to discuss with our clients, as well as, questions that need to be asked. It normally consists of bullet points with various topics in chronological order of the way they should be reviewed and talked about. The meeting agendas are important to the design process and design community because they help us get a good understanding of exactly what our client wants and requirements. Normally, our clients usually range from a family looking to design a newly purchased home, or a bride wanting to have a beautifully

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