My Senior Year Of High School

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The beginning of my Senior year of high school has been an interesting ride, to say the least. Completely new classes and concepts have been thrown my way and I’ve been trying my hardest to catch them. I thought I would be better prepared for some of my classes I’m taking this semester, but it seems like I must start at square one on the majority of my courses. The only way I’ve been able to keep on top of the new information is extreme time management, new study habits, discovering and utilizing efficient study strategies, and asking for help well I needed it. I have always had issues asking for help even when I was completely lost. I can remember a time in 5th grade when we were learning very basic geometry and I didn’t hear the definition of “angle”. They moved on, yet I was lost for the next few weeks because I didn’t want to ask and seem incompetent. Finally, after 13 years of schooling, I’m asking questions. In my English for the College Bound (ECB) class we are working on usage and I’m constantly asking questions about how my answers compare to the given answers. I know asking questions wasn’t something we were necessarily taught, but the bi-weekly self-assessments made question if I was asking questions when I didn’t understand a topic, or if I was just letting it slide and hoping I got it the next time around. Now I’m asking questions in all my classes, especially my more difficult ones. One class that has been particularly difficult for me has been Physics. When I

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