My Senior Year Of High School Football

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It was my senior year of high school football and all I could do was sit on the bench with an injury. It was so frustrating because all I wanted to do was be on the field playing with my brothers like I have since freshman year. I was just so happy to be on the field on those Friday nights and just get to play the game made me so happy when I first started playing. Until I got a big head and started thinking about myself and what I was going do that game or how many touchdowns I was going to score that game. I stopped thinking about the team because of my success. I think this might be a lesson I needed to learn and if I did not, I would have had a big head my whole senior year and never would have saw the real reasons why I loved playing…show more content…
Sophomore season ended up not being the best like the year before when we went to semi-state. That did not bother me too much knowing I had two years ahead of me to still play the game. My best season of high school football would come next when I was a junior. I was the starting running back without a doubt and knew I was up for a great season. I ended up scoring 26 touchdowns in one season and having over 1500 yards in total offense. The feeling of Friday night football just got better and better, doing all of that in front of so many people and playing with my best friends right alongside me. Once again, the season did not end like we wanted it to not winning the sectional title. Just like the year before, I wasn’t too heartbroken because I still had another season. Looking back now, I regret having that mentality and taking those seasons for granted. Going into my senior year I was set to return for an amazing year. I was predicted to break every record in the book at my school. I got so ahead of myself talking almost every day before the season knowing I am going to break all those records and be the star of the team. Everyone knew I was going to be also, until the last Saturday practice before the season started. It was just like any other practice about to start scrimmaging for the end. I was really looking good that day catching a couple for

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