My Senior Year Of High School

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As the spring semester of my senior year of high school began, I still wasn 't sure what I wanted to study when I began college in the fall. I always had been a good problem-solver, and I was fairly certain I wanted to study engineering, but I didn 't know which discipline interested me the most. As my high school graduation date loomed closer, I began to get anxious about not having chosen a major. My parents, both having worked in the oil and gas industry in parts of their careers, encouraged me to give petroleum engineering a shot, so I did. That summer, I attended the LSU geology field camp for freshmen in Colorado Springs, Colo., for six weeks. During that time, I took basic geology courses and learned to appreciate the effect lithology has on oil and gas. I am thankful to have attended this camp, because when August rolled around, I was confident in my choice of majors.

It is odd in that as an incoming college freshman I was more certain of my future than I am now. Although the price of oil is currently about $27/bbl, I do not regret choosing the major that I did. Through my four years in petroleum engineering, I have made lifelong friends and been able to work in an extremely relevant industry. During my two summer internships, I learned more than I ever could have imagined and fell in love with petroleum engineering. However, meeting my friend and mentor, Pat Dunn, was one of the single most important things that happened throughout my two…

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