My Senior Year Of High School

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I am not sure what about my senior year of high school led to so many times of reevaluation as opposed to other years. Maybe it was because of the overshadowing of closing one door while knowing I would have to open another one very soon that led me to think through who I was and how I was taking in information. But, nonetheless, that year brought forth many opportunities for me to learn about myself. I consider myself an individual who knows a little about a lot. Being a history major that seems to be the way I think. I am interested in a whole lot of different topics and I enjoy discussing those different topics. However, because my knowledge about some of those topics may not be as extensive as I would like other people to think, I am faced with a decision. I can either admit to not knowing or I could try to talk my way through the discussion. Unfortunately, I often choose the latter. This mistake of continuously choosing the worse of the two came to one of its biggest challenges in my World Cultures class during Senior year of high school. During the last two weeks of this class, preassigned groups would work tirelessly to finish up their “World Cultures Project.” This was a project that all seniors knew about. In short, a group of three had to pick an issue around the world and create a way to display this issue to parents, teachers, and other students during a night were they would all walk around and tour the projects. My group chose the problems in North Korea,

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