My Senior Year Of High School

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My senior year of high school and I still felt like a freshman. The typical freshman vibe of not fitting in due to the fact that I was a new kid in school and the majority of people had been there since junior kindergarten. These four years at Cannon School have been an emotional rollercoaster. Due to the fact that I couldn’t find any friends for the first two years. I thought that I would find a group that I could hang out with but, it didn’t seem like I was fitingt into any of the cliques. I had trouble maintaining good grades and overall, I was dealing with loss in my family and depression. As a last ditch effort to be more outgoing in high school, I decided to go to the black history performance interest meeting. The performance was about a month away. This meeting was a student led interest meeting we’re we all thought of what we wanted to do. I thought for a few minutes to see what I would feel comfortable doing. Since the only place I felt comfortable at school was in my poetry class. I decided to do poetry since that is one of the few things that I felt like I was good at, poetry at the time gave me a since of security and taught me how to be confident in my own skin, it was helping me become comfortable in my own voice. The only problem with this was I had never performed any of my poems in front of anyone before. Deciding to perform poetry in front of my school soon became one of the most important days of my life.
After the meeting two weeks had passed and I

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