My Senior Year Of High School

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Through out life at some point we come across a juncture and perhaps hope that the outcome could have been distinct from what actually is. Although there are numerous amounts of people who claim to live without wanting to change a single moment, there are countless who are longing for an opportunity to travel back and change the course of a stage in there life. I have never pondered on the idea of changing my past for it is has led me to who I am now. However as I grow and reflect on circumstances that have occurred, I realize that there are instances in which I yearn that I would have done things differently. One perhaps being, I wish in my senior year of high school I would have worked less hours at my job and enjoyed my classes, events, and token opportunities in school.
The summer before my senior year of high school began my parents had taken the decision that after twenty years of marriage it was time they went there separate ways. Compared to other kids I did not take my parents separation so hard, I saw it coming. Instead my concern was how would my stay at home mom, two brothers, and I make it on our own. Even though I had seasonal jobs before, I took it upon myself to get a steady job and invest my time solely in it. I felt I could balance school, homework, and work. Although my mother never expected money from me and I knew she could provide for me, I felt it was an unnecessary load for her after all she was going through and that it was time that I became

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