My Senior Year Was By Far The Best

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My senior year was by far the best. I had all great teachers and graduation was right around the corner. My favorite teacher, that year was my English teachers Mrs. Carver. She was one of the few teachers that wanted and did teach life lessons, along with educational lessons. She focused a lot on making sure we understood that there are small scenario in our lives that have major or minor impacts on us. Due to that, we did not really focus on our writing. Even our research paper was based on creativity and making sure when we write we put our voice and feelings into the paper, at the appropriate times. Us not focusing on writing made my small scenario have a major impact on me. My writing grammatically was never enhanced. Upon graduation, I decided to take a couple of college courses online to get a good start on my freshman year at Ole Miss. I talked to Mrs. Rhodes, my 11th grade writing teacher, about the classes I wanted to take, which were Writing 101 and College Algebra. I decided to talk to Mrs. Rhodes because she was the only teacher that challenged me academically and personally. I went to her with any and every problem. After telling her my plans she agreed that it was indeed a good an idea . She also warned me about the challenges I might face with not being fully prepared, after having such a long break from real writing. I then went to our local junior college, Northwest Community College the Desoto campus, and signed up for my online classes. My college

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