My Sense Of Self And Your Own Identity

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A sense of self is a general conscious awareness of your own identity. I have come to understand the term as it is what defines me and makes me one of a kind. It could be a certain look, attitude or personality trait. It could also be the way I view a certain person, thing or subject. My sense of self could even be my purpose in life, perhaps? If it is, then I would say that my sense of self is something that has changed over time and will continue to develop as I get older and my life is influenced by events, places and people. Developing my sense of self is key to living a satisfying and healthy life. My sense of self started to develop when I was a child and growing up, I was surrounded by a large family and friends while I developed…show more content…
Learning to control an emotion such as anger and use it to effectively communicate and identify my needs, is helping me establish a strong sense of self. This leads me on to discuss the afore mentioned theory of attachment. An attachment theory is a theory in developmental psychology that highlights the importance of attachment in personal development. It is the ability for one person to form an emotional and physical attachment to another person which gives a sense of stability and security necessary to take risks, grow and develop as an individual. John Bowlby, a British psychologist (1907 to 1990) coined the term attachment. He was a psychiatrist and his influences were Freud, Melanie Klein and Lorenz. Bowlby’s attachment theory suggests that children come into the world biologically pre- programmed to form attachments with others as this will help them survive. Bowlby discovered upon observing children in hospitals or institutions who had been separated from their parents, went through three stages of loss, i.e. separation anxiety (threat of loss), grief and mourning (acceptance of loss) and defence (protection from loss). In the late 60’s, Bowlby established that childhood development depended greatly upon a child’s ability to form a strong relationship with at least one primary caregiver and that would usually be the
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