My Service Learning Experience At West Elementary School

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My service learning experience opened my eyes to many new ideas and supported the information that I have been learning in class. For my service learning, I went to West Elementary school and worked in an all girls first grade classroom. West is located in a very urban neighborhood right outside of East Lansing. In the beginning of my service learning, I was in culture shock due to the size of the school, make up of the students/teachers, and the social economic status of the students. All of these components were drastically different from the school I came from. At first, I didn’t know what to think of the school or students, but I eventually realized that their goals and priorities were different from the elementary school I went to. The three main concepts that stuck out to me during my service learning experience include, the social construction of gender, special and gifted education, and funding. When I first arrived at West, I didn’t feel the initial energy and spunk that I’m used to from my personal experiences. So after my first day, I looked up West Elementary on the internet and found that the state of Michigan rated them a red school. Being rated a red school is the lowest ranking a school can get and means that minimal requirements of the state were met. Due to the school’s ratings, they had to decide whether to shut down the school or implement significant changes for this year. I also found that they were proposing to make West an all boys school for one
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