My Service Learning Hours At Asarese Matters Community Center

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This spring semester I had the privilege of completing my service learning hours at Asarese Matters Community Center. I chose to conduct my hours of service at this site because I felt like I could relate to the kids that are experiencing a life of poverty with limited mobility opportunities. Most my time spent there I interacted with a majority of the kids through basketball and competitive activities like billiards, ping pong and talking sports. While observing relationships and interactions between staff and youth that attend the community center I noticed the important role that sport and education played in the life of the children. Using my sociological imagination, I would like to explore the role of sport and the interactions and behaviors that takes place during competitive situations, also the role of education and the kids perception on going to college and using sport and education as a way of succeeding and escaping the concentrated poverty of the Buffalo communities. Using the lived experience that I encountered and knowledge acquired in the past, I will try to piece together a connection and express how the macro level expectations of a community to prosper influences the self esteem,behaviors and attitudes among social groups at the micro level here in the city of Buffalo and at Asarese-Matters community center. Winning and Losing A majority of the kids families that attend Asarese are either part of the working poor or the underclass. Buffalo is

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