My Service Learning Project At A Community Outreach Program

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My service learning project took place at a community outreach program in a disadvantaged low income area without programs for children to participate in. A former ballet dancer, now instructor, decided to open up a ballet class to provide a program for the area children to take part in at a low donation cost, which will be applied to a building fund for a permanent location to be built onto the church. My role in this service learning position was to help organize paperwork and files, collect donations, provide communication to the families, and help in any way I could when needed. Honestly, I was not exactly sure what to expect of this service learning project in regard to the diversity of the community and the cultures of the people that I would be working with. I knew that the area was mostly populated by low income families. I feel that I gained a greater understanding of people who are in a different financial social standing than I am. It also opened me up not only to the vast differences but also the similarities between their lives and my own. Because of my volunteering experience I am more likely to promote civic engagement to others. I feel that it provides an opportunity to become closer to the community in which we reside. Getting out there and socializing and sharing experiences with people who you may never have had contact with in your average day provides for personal and community growth. Intergroup Relationships- Pluralism “Intergroup relations
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