My Service Learning Project At Two Sites

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Introduction Over the course of my service learning project, I worked for at two sites. The first site that I served roughly three quarters of my time at was as a part of the Buckingham Drama Club, a student-run organization. I was part of the student team that painted, gathered, and constructed the sets for the annual musical. The Drama Club organizes two productions per year, one play and one musical. The Board of Directors, set construction, costuming, gathering props, music for the show, backstage volunteering, and audition committee are all student-provided. Without the help and dedication of the students, there would be no play. The other site I worked for, with which I completed the rest of my hours, was the Ramallah Club of San…show more content…
Secondly, a major reason I chose this site (which progressively showed itself to be more and more prevalent) was because I had already been involved in the musical in the first place, playing a major character in the show itself. Since it had been the first theatrical production I’ve ever been involved in, I also figured this would be a good way to properly immerse myself into the atmosphere, additionally considering that the other students working with me were one other actor from the play and four of the major stagehands, one of which was also one of the production’s makeup artists. As for volunteering for the annual Ramallah Club crab feed, there are several reasons, the primary reason being the fact that I needed the hours to complete my required 40. Otherwise, I have many prior ties to the event. I have volunteered for the annual event two years previously, and was very eager to offer my services this year as well. Similarly, I found out that, unlike past years, I was allowed to come in early and actually help set up for the event. When I received this information, it greatly raised my personal interest in volunteering for the event, knowing that I would have an opportunity to spend time with some of the elder, more experienced members of the group, a few of which had known my parents for an extensive amount of time.

Experience at my Site Throughout the hours that I spent at
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