My Sexual Attitudes By Completing Four Assessments

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Abstract The purpose of this paper is to look further at my sexual attitudes by completing four assessments. The assessments will measure my sexual satisfaction, preferences, arousability, and self-concept. This paper will also address cultural considerations with each assessment. After interpreting the results of the assessments, clinical implications in how to treat myself in therapy are provided. My Sexual Attitudes: Looking at Satisfaction, Preferences, Arousability, and Self-Concept Assessment instruments are invaluable tools, helping clinicians determine levels of distress, expediently gathering important background information, understanding clients’ subjective views of the world, and evaluating outcome and…show more content…
The purpose of conducting these assessments was to evaluate areas in my relationship my partner and I can improve. Sexuality Assessments Index of Sexual Satisfaction The Index of Sexual Satisfaction (ISS) is used in clinical and research settings to measure sexual satisfaction (Hudson et al., 1981). The purpose of the ISS is to evaluate the quality of the sexual relationship between partners (Hudson et al.,1981). The ISS is a 25-item self-report questionnaire designed to measure individual’s feelings about behaviors, attitudes, events, affects states, and preferences that are associated with the sexual relationship between partners. Scores range from 0 to 100, with higher scores indicating greater degrees of sexual discord (Fisher et al., 2010). Sexual dissatisfaction is indicated by a high score while high levels of sexual satisfaction is indicated by a low score (Larson, Anderson, Holman, & Niemann, 1998). The ISS has a clinical cut off score is 30 indicating the presence of a significant degree of sexual discord in the relationship (Fisher et al., 2010). A score above 70 indicates that clients are experiencing severe stress, in which case, violence could be considered or used to deal with problems (Fisher et al., 2010). In order to compile a score,
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