My Sexual Orientation Is Drugs

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My Sexual Orientation is Drugs
Kevin Barranco-Perez
Composition 1

Deborah Crowe
Baker College of Port Huron
October 13th, 2014

My Sexual Orientation is Drugs Being an adolescent is a pivotal and experimental phase for most people. During these years, people are prone to innumerable forms of stressors in their lives. It is not uncommon for this group to face victimization by parents, peers, and so-called friends during their daily lives. Dealing with common stressors may influence teenagers to participate in strain-relieving activities . . .some of which are not always legal. Underage drinking and illicit drug abuse alone are two expanding problems plaguing teens. More often than not, these two behaviors are done simultaneously. This poses an even greater threat to the mental and physical health of those who decide to engage in substance abuse. On the contrary, support groups exist to aid in minimizing risky teen behavior by offering an alternative social environment. Lowered cigarette use, consumption of alcohol, drug misuse, and an overall healthier state are outcomes of an established support group for LGBT students; the positive impression of these groups implemented in schools is reason enough to acknowledge their importance and also encourage expansion into schools that do not have them (Heck et al., 2014). A study was was conducted by the University of Montana, University of California, and Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University. The approach…

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