My Shadowing Essay On My Grandpa

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My Grandpa’s fiance has to be one of the coolest and unique people that I have ever met.

She is from Rochester, NY but has been with my grandpa now for about two years and they

currently live in Hudson, NC. We call her Ann which is short for Anna Maria Maid. She runs

her own astrology entertainment business where they charge $100 dollars an hour to talk to a

psychic and read tarot cards. I didn’t know what to think about her when I heard what she does

for a living, I expected a devil worshiper who walked around doing evil things, but that is

definitely not anything close to what or who she is.

The first time I met her was in June of 2014, when my great grandpa got sick with cancer

then sadly passed away and we went to his funeral
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I sort of giggled a little bit when I

heard that but then I realized that it is important to never give up and it was cool that she got the

quote from Buzz Light Year.

Over the next few times that I was around her, I really started to love talking to her

because our two personalities just clicked. I could have talked to her for hours and hours and

even for the rest of the day. That is why I decided to choose her as my shadowing essay.

There was one thing she said when we first started our time together and I admitted to her

that I was nervous about my shadowing project. I think I will use it as my own motto because

it’s totally true and it’s a saying that she got from my Grandpa. She says it is something that she

tells herself regularly to help her not stress out. It is that “worry is work without pay”. She also

made me feel better because we would go back and forth making funny comments about the

stories she told and picking on each other. I love that she can take jokes and not get offended. I

guess that comes from her being from New York, at least that what she says anyway.

In the interview portion of our time she told me the busiest time of year for her
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