My Shield Speech Class

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To prepare for my shield speech I had my dad help me by painting my shield. However, for the actual speech I made my outline and then made my note cards. One thing I did was practice going over my cards a couple of times for my dog the night before my speech was due. The next time I practiced my speech was the period before I gave it during study hall. When I was in front of the class before I gave my speech I was very nervous, and could feel my face starting to get red and my hands were starting to get shaky. I knew that I was going to get super nervous in front of the class because that's how I always get for speeches. According to knowing that I would be nervous, while I was giving my speech, I could feel myself starting to sweat and get…show more content…
Mr. Stauffer also mentioned after my speech that keeping my eyes up was something that I needed to work on. I relied on my cards too much which is something that needs working on. Something that was unexpected that happened during my speech was my brain went blank for a quick second while I was on my second point, to get my thought back together I had to look down at my cards for a while. I think next time I give a speech; I am going to practice more. For the shield speech I just practiced the night before and the period before I presented. Next time I give my speech, I want to be able to practice my speech for a couple of nights before I present, that way I can have a lot memorized. Having the speech memorized will make it easier to keep my eyes up and looking around the room. A situation where I might need to introduce myself would be at a new job or at the interview for a new job. When you are working at a new place with people you don't know they might want you to introduce yourself and get to know you more. At a job interview the person that is interviewing you might ask you to tell them stuff about yourself. Another place you have to introduce yourself is in
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