My Shoe Company For This Simulation Project Is Bauer, Inc.

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My shoe company for this simulation project is Bauer, Inc. In this paper we will go over multiple aspects of my company. We will go over a situational analysis (SWOT analysis) of Bauer, Inc., strategic marketing mix (product, place, price and promotion strategies), mission statement, target market, and marketing objectives. First, let us look at my situational analysis of Bauer, Inc. A strength of Bauer, Inc. is that we’ve been growing. From period’s -1 to 0, we were able to increase our net profit by 50%. Another strength is in period 0 we were able to enter into the domestic market. This step helped our company sales from periods -1 to 0. One weakness of Bauer, Inc. is that we have been showing loss the last two periods. In period -1 our net profit was -2.4 million dollars and in period 0 it was -1.2 million dollars. A second weakness is Bauer, Inc.’s product is currently a base version model. Consumers will not want to buy a low quality shoe. An opportunity for Bauer, Inc. is that the athletic shoe industry is a huge industry. The industry is made up of over $70 billion dollars worldwide and Bauer, Inc. can tap into that. An additional opportunity is that there are multiple markets to enter into (domestic and foreign). This will allow Bauer, Inc. to sell our shoes to multiple and larger markets and increase our sales. A threat of Bauer, Inc. is that there are 10 other competitors in the athletic shoe industry that can potentially take market share from us. Another threat

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