My Short Piece For Graded Unit I

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1. Research Evidence

For my solo piece for graded unit I feel like I was not heavily influenced by any of the research I had done. I tried as much as possible to make it about me as a choreographer and what my personal style is. I have been influenced by choreographers in my life which have made me the dancer I am, but my aim was not to draw on one specific person or company for ideas or inspiration. I did research more into the event that my solo is about however. As it is about the Via Dolorosa and Jesus I looked into the stations of the cross, and what the road of sorrows actually looks like in Jerusalem. This influenced some of my movements and the spacing of my dance. In the solo I purposely fall three times, each time struggling more to get back onto my feet, like Jesus did during the passion. I also travel downstage in a diagonal line, not using much of the downstage left corner and the upstage right corner, to purposefully show that I am travelling somewhere. I also use my movement to try and show how fatigued I am getting toward the end of the dance. I try my best to act like I am exhausted and like I have been carrying something heavy for a long time, like Jesus did with his cross.

For my group choreography I feel like I played a lot with the idea of music. I took inspiration from Merce Cunningham and his ideas of how music and dance do not need to be linked and intertwined. I feel as if I have really played with this idea because the first segment of my group
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