My Silent Day On Sunday August 1st

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Introduction: I chose to have my silent day on Sunday November 1st. There are a multitude of reasons why I chose this day ,one being I’m usually alone on Sunday’s and it’s quiet day for me anyway so I figured I would be a great time. Some of the things I did to prepare for the silent day was to let my friends know I would not be texting or talking on the phone, I pulled out the stickie’s to leave notes for l the people in the house(My daughter) I may come in contact with and I took a note pad when I went out stalking on the phone or texting on this day, The New Year is coming and I usually spend a lot of time thinking about my triumphs and failure, tallying up my asset and liabilities(not money) for the year and calculating Where I’m heading next, and the excitement of the unknown.

Reflections: I started this day of silence at 4am Sunday morning, I started out as usual having coffee, opening up my house and spending the first hour reading the daily word and, some prayer, and meditation. After my mind started to say ok what’s next. As I sat in the living room area and started to reflect. I noticed how loud the birds outside were, went to look and saw how small the birds were and how loud they were together. For someone who does not like birds I thought about how I planted so many trees in my yard front and back and what was the expectation? Why did I do that? Did I not know that birds live in tress? I did. So if I don’t want the birds to come why did I plant

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