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Chapter 6: Resistance Against the Spanish Rule Reasons for the Revolts 1. Refusal of Spanish authorities to grant reforms 2. Policy of the Spanish government not allowing the natives to learn the Spanish language 3. Religious intolerance of the friars 4. Imposition of the Polo, tribute and taxes 5. Monopolies and the Galleon Trade 6. Agrarian injustices and cases of land grabbing 7. Greed, cruelty and abuses committed by Spanish authorities The Filipino Revolts A. Lakandula and Sulayman Revolt Date: 1574 Setting: Tondo, Manila Leaders: Lakandula and Sulayman Cause(s): Gov. Guido de Lavezares refused to exempt Lakandula and his kin from payment of tributes and the confiscation of the…show more content…
Result(s): Bankaw uprising was crushed by he combined force of 1,000 Cebuano and 50 Spanish soldiers. Bankaw and his sons perished in the battle I. Tapar Revolt Date: 1663 Setting: Oton, Panay Leader(s): Sorcerer named Tapar Cause(s): Establishment of a religious cult with fanatic peasants as members. Result(s): After Fray Francisco de Mesa rejected the cult, and was killed by Tapar’s men, the authorities sent punitive expeditions and launched bloody encounters. This uprising was quelled after Tapar and his aides were killed. Their bodies were mutilated and publicly humiliated. J. Maniago Revolt Date: 1660 Setting: Pampanga Leader(s): Francisco Maniago Cause(s): • Maniago and his followers resented the frequent recruitment of men to cut timbers in the mountains for the construction of galleons. • Opposition to the exaction of bandala that highly contributed to the miserable plight of the natives. Result(s): The revolt spread almost in the entire province and could have spread all over Central Luzon had Makapagal; a Macabebe leader cooperated and fought with Maniago. Governor Manrique de Lara bribed Macapagal to remain loyal with the Spanish authorities. Through the intervention Fray Andres Salazar, Maniago vowed to surrender after making known his demands such as the

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