My Sister Candice And I Were Sitting At Silence

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My sister Candice and I were sitting in silence as the plane started to take off. As they had announced before it was a full flight so Candice and I met a guy named Townsin and we talked the whole flight. He showed us some magic tricks and Candice tried to do one, but she failed to do so. When we landed in Omaha we said goodbye to our new friend and continued on our new adventures. We had to wait for our friend Savannah to come and pick us up at the airport and take us to the hotel where we were all staying. Savannah was working at the Olympic trials so she and her dad Chuck had came a week earlier to help out. Chuck is the CEO of USA swimming, which is why we got to watch the trials in Omaha. We arrived to Savannah’s room and now we were…show more content…
They also would lift up the people that were going to Rio on a pedestal, as they rose up they had water spray up and the top of the water would catch on fire and the whole room would be yellow and red. Then they would say that they were going to Rio.
When we woke up sometimes we would go to prelims and watch some people swim, or we would just go to get some breakfast. When we finished breakfast or when prelims were over we would go do something for the rest of the day before we had to go back for finals. Once we walked around and went shopping and just looking at Omaha. My sister and I do not really like to shop, but Shelby and Nancy did so we went to a lot of stores, and let’s just say there was lots of things bought. After we went shopping we went to go get some cupcakes, Shelby had been constantly eating sweets ever since she had started going to college, so she ate two giant cupcakes and all of the icing of my cupcake. When we finish our delicious cupcakes we wanted to see some more of Omaha. We walked around and there was a big lake and they had stepping stones to cross it. There were also sculptures everywhere, and everything had something to do with Omaha’s history. We walked around and then returned to the hotel. During another one of the days we went down to go rent bikes so we could cross the state line and we could be in two places at once. As we rode our bikes we stumbled on a scavenger hunt for Michael Phelps

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