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In My Sister’s Keeper, Jodi Picoult tells the story of a family who is faced with a tragedy and in turn creates an ethical dilemma without even realizing it. Brian and Sarah Fitzgerald don’t think they will have any more children after Jesse and Kate, but when Kate is diagnosed with leukemia ideas of having another child spark in the minds of the Fitzgeralds. Although one might think the Fitzgeralds would have another child to replace the one they may lose, their plan is to use the child to keep Kate alive. The Fitzgeralds have a doctor genetically select an embryo as a perfect match for Kate and a short nine months later Anna is born so she can be used as “spare parts” every time Kate’s organs fail. The most important issue presented in…show more content…
If I could rewrite the book I would make it so Anna lived and she would donate her kidney to Kate so that Kate lived too. I know that Kate wanted to die, but from Anna’s perspective, I would not have let my sister die that I just spent my whole life keeping alive. This probably wouldn’t have made such a dramatic and exciting book, but that’s why I’m studying to be a nurse and not a

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