My Sister's Keeper : Movie And Movie

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Imagine being born just so you can give up your cells and organs to your sister with Leukemia. That is the life of Anna Fitzgerald, and her sister Kate. The book I read is titled “My Sister's Keeper”, the title is the same for the movie. Personally, the movie was better for me because I like being able to see things visually and in detail. The way the book explained the characters I was really able to imagine them in my head and in the movie it wasn't so much easier to understand what was going on “My Sister’s Keeper” the movie is personally better in my opinion. The first reason is that the movie has more visual and verbal detail in the movie. It was easy to understand the storyline and what was going on the whole time, but in the…show more content…
The useable organs in her body are donated to Kate so she can live. In the movie Kate says to Anna that is okay if she doesn't want to donate her kidney because Kate didn't want to live anymore, she wanted to die. Anna sued her parents for the right to her own body, for Kate and for herself. She eventually won the case and didn't have to give Kate the kidney. Kate slowly started to get sicker and eventually died. The third and final reason is that Taylor Ambrose is much more emphasized in the movie because he is considered a minor character in the book. In the movie, Taylor Ambrose met Kate at the hospital. Taylor also suffers from Cancer as well as Kate and they exchange numbers at the hospital. Taylor and Kate start dating and Taylor becomes all the Kate thinks about, they went to prom together and really started to love each other. Then all of a sudden Taylor stops texting and calling Kate and she gets severely worried and nervous. She started to panic and soon after found out that he had died. Everything she ever loved left without saying goodbye, she was done and that was one of the reasons why Kate told Anna to not donate her kidney. Taylor made a big impact in Kate’s life in the movie so I didn't really understand why he was set as a minor character in the story. In the book, he wasn't really talked about much which is definitely a downside because him dying was a big plot twist and really brought out the true feelings and
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