My Sisters Keeper

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An Ethical Discussion of My Sister's Keeper
Trudy German
Wayland Baptist University

An Ethical Discussion of My Sister's Keeper Introduction and Thesis: Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) to provide a genetically matched donor for an older sick child and to use the organs of the younger to the medical benefit of the elder is not morally justifiable using rule utilitarian ethical theory. This principle is not justifiable due to both the nature of the proposed rule regarding PGD and, primarily, to the nature of utilitarian ethical philosophy in general. Arguments Supporting Thesis: Rule utilitarianism is a moral philosophy holding that general rules for moral guidance should be developed that will act as an aid in making
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It appears to be a winning situation for everyone. This scenario provides support that the proposed rule may be a viable utilitarian rule, at least in this simplified situation. Unfortunately, all the cases these proposed rules are to be applied to aren't this simple. The Fitzgeralds' experiences provide an example where the simple case doesn't prevail and the situation is complicated by other events. Initially in My Sister's Keeper, it appears the umbilical cord blood cells take at Anna's birth have done the job. Kate goes into remission for five years. However, at this point Kate's APL flairs up and lymphocytes are drawn from Anna three times and inserted into Kate. Again this appears to work for the short term, but ultimately, the procedure fails. For the next eight years the process is repeated over and over again; Kate becomes ill, Anna donates something which should help her get better, the treatment works for a while but then stops working and a new, more invasive and painful donation and treatment is attempted. The situation during this period is not so simple and clear-cut. In the process, everyone in the family suffers: physically, emotionally, financially, and/or socially within the family and outside the home. Both Kate and Anna suffer physical pain with each procedure. Jesse begins to act up
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