Essay on My Sister’s Keeper Shouldn't be a Challenged Book

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The American Library Association, ALA, is an organization that, among other things, compiles a list every year of the most frequently challenged books. “The American Library Association actively defends the right of library users to read, seek information, and speak freely as guaranteed by the First Amendment.” (ALA) Many times, the books on this list are challenged by parents with the want to protect their children from things they don’t believe to be appropriate. “Only parents have the right and responsibility to restrict the access of their children” (ALA) Even with these good intentions, by challenging a book, they are trying to challenge the authors’ thoughts and words, their First Amendment rights. These books usually contain…show more content…
By doing this so well, Picoult’s novel is bound to upset readers with the varying opinions the readers could have. “It is easy to make “bad-guys” out of the characters in this novel because of the issues they are faced with.” (Jodi Picoult's "My Sister's Keeper"." SIRS Renaissance) The novel tells a realistic story without bias and provides a look at both sides to the issues brought up. One can find reasons to challenge a book against what their beliefs on a subject are, but in this case, one can also find many more reasons why this novel does more good than harm. One reason My Sister’s Keeper is on ALA’s Most Frequently Challenged Books of 2009 is because of the homosexuality that is in the novel. Anna Fitzgerald has Julia Romano as her guardian ad litem, someone who looks out for a child’s best interest, during the trial. The homosexuality in this novel appears with Julia’s sister, Izzy. Izzy is only in the novel for a very short amount of time, and her homosexuality isn’t necessarily a main point discussed while she is talked about in the novel. Another reason for My Sister’s Keeper being challenged is the offensive language Picoult uses throughout the novel. Although there is the use of unpleasant language it isn’t used excessively; in most cases Picoult only uses this in the intense situations presented. By reading those situations with the use of offensive

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