My Sister's Keeper Summary

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My Sister's Keeper tells the story of 13-year-old Anna, who litigates her parents for medical emancipation when she is expected to donate a kidney to her sister Kate, who is dying from leukemia. The story takes place in Providence, Rhode Island in 2004. Anna Fitzgerald's older sister, Kate, suffers from acute promyelocytic leukemia, a blood and bone marrow cancer. Anna was conceived as a savior sibling, in order to harvest blood from her umbilical cord to use in treatments to help save Kate's life. Although the treatment was initially successful, Kate relapsed; ever since, Anna, the only compatible family member, has been used as a donor for any other bodily substance needed to treat Kate, who continues to swing between remission and…show more content…
She was cured but had another very serious relapse when she was 5. Her kidneys are failing and her parents wanted Anna to give her a kidney but Kate told her not to, as she wanted to die.
 Taylor: Kate's boyfriend. Taylor has AML and is 2 years older than Kate. They met at the hospital and went to a hospital dance together. He dies a day after the prom, leading to Kate being heartbroken.
 Jesse: Brother of Anna and Kate. He is off the rails, drinking alcohol and doing other drugs. Throughout the book, he sets fires to buildings and makes them spread fast due to the knowledge his father gave him. Brian finds out that it was Jesse starting the fires but forgives him.
 Campbell: A successful lawyer Anna hired for her case. Campbell is living with epilepsy and has a service dog, Judge, although he lies about his purpose throughout the book. He broke Julia Romano's heart in high school.
 Judge: Campbell's service dog whose use is unknown throughout much of the novel.
 Suzanne (Zanne): Sister of Sara Fitzgerald, aunt of Kate, Anna, and Jesse. Zanne is wealthy and always wants to babysit the children when Kate has a relapse. She is known as a support for Sara throughout the novel. When Brian and Sara were having problems paying for Kate's medical treatment, Zanne offered to help but Brian refused to accept her money.
 Dr. Chance: Kate's oncologist and close friend of the family, Dr. Chance speaks in the trial and doesn't know if the kidney transplant will
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