My Sleeping Beauty

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My Sleeping Beauty "So Katelyn, where did you want to go tonight?" I ask her softly, waiting for her reaction and definite outburst. She turns to face me from the passenger seat of my 2000 Toyota Tundra, a look of disbelief on her face. "Are you kidding me Hunter James Caverly? I'm a girl. This stuff is important to our kind," she remarks angrily, though she probably suspects I am bluffing. I chuckle, amused by her touchiness. "I'm just kidding, sweetheart." Tonight I am taking Katelyn on a moonlight picnic, which I spent all afternoon setting up. Katelyn is a hopeless romantic, so I know she'll love it. After, I plan on taking her to see a chick-flick, no matter how much torture it will be for me. As long as my love is happy, I'm…show more content…
My heart is a collection of glass on the floor, scattered into a million pieces. It will rest like this for eternity, or as long as Katelyn is stuck in this form. There's no sign she will wake up soon. Those words echo around in my head, slowly making me go insane. How did I let this happen to her? It's all my's all my fault. A month or so later, I am allowed to finally see Katelyn. A month of pure agony, not to mention the healing bones and being practically glued to a hospital bed. I have fought many battles with sword and shield trying to steal a glimpse of Katelyn, like prince saving his princess, though I doubt there is hope for Katelyn as this point. Hesitantly, I enter, and stare at the sleeping form on the bed. Katelyn lay there, her skin as pale as a sheet. She is so thin, so fragile, almost a shell of her former self. Almost like me. I pull up a chair quietly, though it will not disturb her anyway, and sit beside her bed. I garb her hand and cling to it, for it is my raft in the Sea of Insanity I float on. Guilt makes a reappearance, and tears flow down my face in rivulets. I allow myself to sob over her sleeping form, clueless as to what else to do. What to say, even if she can hear me. "Katelyn Marie Thorn, if you can hear me now, I just want to say I'm sorry. I was an idiot, am an idiot, and not only has my condition affected me, but yours too. The guilt of hurting you, the love of
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