My Social Dance Experience : Dancing At A Barn Owned By My Friend

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For my social dance experience, I am going to discuss dancing at a friend’s wedding that I just recently attended. The dancing occurred during the reception following the wedding and took place at a barn owned by my friend’s Pastor. The barn was meticulously decorated with burlap, lights, and much more. The people dancing were mainly middle class Caucasian people. The age groups dancing ranged from teenagers to people around 50 years-old. I chose this dance event to participate in and analyze because the atmosphere was very celebratory and fun. I also thought that it would be fun to analyze a social dance experience that my friends and I would have still been a part of even if I had never taken dance appreciation. By using the things that I have learned in class I can have a different perspective on something that I am very familiar with. I am going to analyze the primary movements I noticed and experienced while social dancing, two particular dancers that stood out during the experience, and the aesthetics of the experience. This experience taught me about the similarities and differences between today’s social dance and the social dances of other era’s while allowing me to analyze the movement and aesthetic experiences involved in contemporary social dance. First, it is important to analyze a few of the choreographic elements. The movements in the dances I saw tended to have more of a percussive or swingy energy quality. An example of a dance that contained swingy energy…

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