My Social Dance Experience : Dancing At A Barn Owned By My Friend

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For my social dance experience, I am going to discuss dancing at a friend’s wedding that I just recently attended. The dancing occurred during the reception following the wedding and took place at a barn owned by my friend’s Pastor. The barn was meticulously decorated with burlap, lights, and much more. The people dancing were mainly middle class Caucasian people. The age groups dancing ranged from teenagers to people around 50 years-old. I chose this dance event to participate in and analyze because the atmosphere was very celebratory and fun. I also thought that it would be fun to analyze a social dance experience that my friends and I would have still been a part of even if I had never taken dance appreciation. By using the things that…show more content…
The body movements mainly used the hips, arms, and legs. Spacing was extremely unorganized because it is social dance, and especially in contemporary time there is no rhyme or reason to the way people move across the floor. However, the average amount of space between individuals remained fairly constant.
During the social experience it was interesting to analyze how I experienced and felt about the movement. For me the movement was very enjoyable because social dance especially in a celebratory setting is much less about perfect execution and more about being very enthusiastic and into the music and movement. Of course, you obviously still want to look good while dancing, but it is not necessary to be a fantastic dancer. The music was very upbeat and lively. I find it quite hilarious, but I truly enjoy doing head and neck movements where I can swish my hair or really percussive and jumpy motions.
As I took part in this social dance experience there were two dancers in particular that stood out for me. The first dancer who really caught my attention was the bride herself. She is a wonderful dancer and is very graceful. She was absolutely radiating joy, and, of course, all eyes were on her anyway. The way she interacted with other dancers, for example her fiancé and her father, and her grace and charisma immediately drew you in.
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