My Social Work Career Study

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For my social work career study I interviewed Colleen Kolski-Daniels on October 3, 2015, who has held a Master’s of Social Work degree for twenty years. She graduated from Arizona State University in 1995. She is a licensed clinical social worker working for Hospice of the Valley, which is located in Phoenix Arizona. I conducted my interview with her via telephone, and followed up by email. Prior to working for hospice, she worked as a social worker in the hospital setting, an advocate for the Arizona Supreme Court 24 -hour Parent Assistance Hotline, and worked with a foster care review board. Within her job as an advocate for the hotline, she also assisted with a program that educated judges about domestic violence. Mrs. Kolski-Daniels was a foster parent for special needs children, and was told by the Child Protective Service workers that she did not know what was best for the developmentally challenged children. She chose to get a degree in social work so that she would be taken seriously, and to become more capable of advocating for her foster children. She ultimately decided to work in the medical field versus the Child Protective Service area as she did not want to work in the same area that she lived daily. This allowed her some perspective in both bureaucracies and a better work life balance. She no longer fosters children, but enjoys helping others through her job as a licensed clinical social worker within hospice care. Hospice of the Valley is a non-profit
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