My Socialized Family : Agents Of Socialization

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Throughout our lives as humans, we constantly face day-to-day interactions with other individuals. From the moment that we are born, we begin to categorize other people based on how they interact, speak, dress, and physically look through socialization. We also begin to start labeling ourselves with how we fit into society. Agents of socialization such as school, family, and peers typically tend to have the most influence on us because we constantly surround ourselves with them. In an average American household, our first social contact is from our family, and then we typically spend the other parts of the day in school with our peers. Consequently, we begin to take attributes and qualities from the environments we are put in and from the people we remain in close contact with. As an adult, the way I perceive my future and my ideal family has been molded by major agents of socialization such as my family, peers and my access to education.
To further elaborate on the characteristics of my desired family, I will discuss how agents of socialization such as school, peers, and my family have shaped me as an individual. My parents have been married for 19 years and decided to exchange vows when they were expecting my arrival. Although they married early in their early twenties, they attempted to raise me, attend college, and have been working to sustain the household by working as a physical therapist assistant and a specialized registered nurse. Since my parents have been
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