My Sociology Class Reflection : Gender Identities, And Family

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Flash-back to when I was choosing classes for this current semester, I needed another elective to graduate. After considering my options, I choose Marriage and Family because I like my sociology class. I also thought that this would help me in my future since I plan to be a teacher. Now when this class started, I automatically regretted my decision. After reading the introduction for this class, I was worried I would not enjoy being in this class. However, I was wrong. The assignments in this class kept me entertain. I enjoyed many of the topics we learned about because the discussion boards were fun to participate in. They made you think, but I enjoyed writing them. The “getting to know you” discussion board was a clever way to get know my classmates, and I enjoyed writing my entry. I enjoyed most of the discussion boards that went along with my favorite four interesting topics I learned about. Gender Identities and Families, Our Sexual Selves, Love and Choosing a Life Partner, and Communication in Relationships, Marriages, and Families are the four topics interesting topics I will be highlighting. Gender Identities and Families is the first chapter I really enjoyed learning about. This chapter went into detail about the concept of Gender Identity. It helped me to realize that gender is more then the sex that has been assigned to us at birth. This chapter introduced to me what transsexual and transgender really meant. These identities come around when someone feels that they do not match their genitalia. This chapter also goes over how society can affect the gender roles through family, religion and education. However, gender identities are changing with more gender fluidity becoming apparent in the U.S. My favorite and most memorable moment in this class happens to be the discussion board that went with this chapter. In this discussion board, we had to watch half of a video about Jazz. Jazz was born with male parts, but she knows that she is meant to be female. I found this video to be very interesting and watched the whole video. I also enjoyed the questions that went with this video. It is a topic that was taken differently by every student, and I enjoyed reading everyone’s response. This was my
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