My Son the Fanatic

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Summary of ’my son the fanatic’
"My son the fanatic" is a story about a Pakistani father Parvez and his son Ali. Parvez starts to notice a weird behavior from his son, he stopped bringing friends home, he stopped seeing his English girlfriend and he was throwing out all of his possessions. After a while, Parvez went to his friends, the cabbies (because Parvez is a cab driver) and told them what he was experiencing. The cabbies told Parvez that his son was definitely taking and/or selling drugs, and he was selling his possessions to pay for the drugs. Parvez started to watch Ali's behavior more closely, and he told his good friend, the prostitute Bettina, about his problem. She guided Parvez about what to look for and what to do, if his
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Number three element is Ali’ mood. His mood did not match up whit the suspicion of drug use.

4. In what ways has Ali changed?
He is not seeing his friends anymore. He broke up with his girlfriend. He is throwing out or donating his things. He is not doing as good in school as he used to. His relationship to his father is getting worse and
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