My Sophomore Year

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Everybody has that one moment in their lives that changes everything. For some it happens at an early age and for others it happens later in life. This is a story about the moment that changed everything in my life. The sad thing is nobody know when their moment is going to happen, it could happen tomorrow, it could happen years from now. The day my life changed I wasn't expecting it to happen. That day was full of emotions and the following days, weeks and months were full of anger and questions. My life has consisted of situations, emotions, and lessons because of this life changing event.
The beginning of my Sophomore year I was always tired, I drank a lot of water and weighed 85 pounds. I didn't know what was wrong with me and my mom didn't
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I didn't have enough energy to change and my eyes were rolling to the back of my head. My mom had to carry me to the car and lay me down in the back seat of the truck. I had no clue what was going on and no emotion to what was happening. When we finally arrived at the Hospital they had put me in a wheelchair. The nurses wheeled me to a room to get X-rays, draw blood, and an IV in me. Next, they had placed me in the emergency room. A nurse came in and explained to my mom and I what I had. The nurse told me that I had type 1 Diabetes. That my life would now be full of blood sugar checks and needles. My mom had gone to the other room and called my dad to tell him the news, he came to South Dakota from Virginia right away. That night was full of blood, and no sleep. The next morning my dad was in the room right when I woke up and that was the best feeling. For three days straight I was not allowed to eat and could only have a sponge soaked in water in my mouth for hydration. I was in the hospital for seven days, so the nurses could keep track of me. When I first got to the hospital my mom told me my blood sugar was 600. I was very close to being in a diabetic coma. After…show more content…
I have had many situations in those years that have taught me a lot. My first few months with diabetes were rough but now I have come to truths. Living with this disease has taught me to be strong and has opened many doors for me. I´ve gone to three camps with people who have diabetes and it really has helped for me to realize that i'm not alone. As a person with diabetes I have to eat properly, exercise every now and then, and be aware of all my actions. Having diabetes has forced me to take better care of myself. I still have days when I am very somber thinking about my future with Diabetes but hopeful as
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