My Sophomore Year In High School

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I graduated from Fairview High School, where I experienced many things, and one of the things that stood out to me the most was the failure I experienced my sophomore year as a student there. I had never done so poorly in school until that year, and doing so changed my entire character. My first semester as a sophomore at Fairview I received a 1.667 GPA, and a 1.286 GPA the second semester. When my final grades were given to me I didn’t even know what those numbers meant, and definitely didn’t have a clue on what they meant to my future. You may find it hard, or funny to believe that someone in his second year of high school doesn’t know what a GPA is, but I am a first generation student, and back then I had no idea how much that GPA was going…show more content…
Well, being a first generation student wasn’t the only problem I faced that year. One night, in the beginning of my sophomore year. I remember coming home after school, and my mom had dinner ready for me like usual. After I ate, and talked to my for a little while about how my day had gone at school that day, I went to my bedroom and started to study for a test in history that I had to take in a couple of days. Later, I heard an incoming phone call, at that time I didn’t think much about it, I thought it was just my dad calling about him coming home from work, but as soon as I heard her say “What, how? Are you ok?” I remember feeling very scared because I knew something had to be wrong. I immediately rushed out of my room and asked my mom if something had happened to my dad; that’s when my life changed forever. My mom said that my dad had broken his ankle. At first I felt really bad for my dad, but not too much because I thought that he would get over it pretty quickly and that everything would go back to the way it had always been. Well, I was wrong. My dad’s injury turned out to be very severe, and it took his ankle 2 years to completely heel; 3 surgeries done to his ankle within those two years. This affected my
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